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Since April 20th, 2006, we have manipulated and improved advanced sciences, such as high tesla magnetic resonance imaging, advanced RF coil technology, high resolution positron emission tomography, radionuclide pharmaceutical science, biological engineering, and neuroscience. For instance, we were able to see tiny things inside little one by microvascular imaging with non-invasive approach after long time of research. We realized its potentials for improving the quality of life of human beings.
Human brain is the smallest and the nearest universe to all of us, and now we are going to have another voyage with courage. Based on the excellent outcomes from the last decade, we will continue to step forward to molecular level of brain research on ‘fusion imaging system’, ‘molecular imaging’, ‘theragnostics’, ‘ultra-high tesla magnet science’, ‘nano-medicine’, and ‘investigation of the pathophysiology of brain disorders’. As other countries legislated new laws for stimulus plan of brain research, Korean government also launched “the stimulus law for brain research” in 1995. Dr. Gil Ya Lee established a the NRI to become a research frontier following the world trend of clinical needs in 2006 (60M$).
A number of connections between neurons in brain may reflect the connectivity of individuals in human society. We believe that NRI can be the core of connections between neuroscientists, multimodalities, multi-disciplines, ideas, and dreams.
Join us and make a strong bandage for better future of the world.
I wish all brain users happiness, prosperity, and health always.

Dr. Yoo-Hun SUH, President of Gachon Neuroscience Research Instituete