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Research Facility

• 1.5T MRI

In addition to the ultra high field 7.0T MRI and HRRT PET we have equipped with commercially available MRI and PET system to compliment the high end resolution units.

(Routinly used 1.5T MRI unit)

• 3.0T MRI

Highest field MRI available commercially. This Siemen’s MAGNETOM Verio offers greater patient access and comfort made possible by the 70 cm open bore, resulting in higher throughput and more referrals. This 3.0T system is one of the most widly used commercial system which indirectly supports our R&D, especially for 7.0T research.


Siemen's commercially available PET/CT for both research and clinical study. Positron-emitting isotopes are likely to be key players in medical imaging technology. Positron-emitting isotopes, such as F-18, O-15, C-11 and N-13, which can be produced by our NRI cyclotrons.