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• Cyclotron System

A cyclotron is a system that produces radioisotopes designed to be used with PET or HRRT. Tracers containing radioisotopes are injected into the human body before the PET or HRRT scans. The cyclotron currently available at the Neuroscience Research Institute is the latest compact model manufactured by CTI, over 100 of which are distributed worldwide. The Eclipse HP produces an acceleration beam with 11 MeV energy and F-18 over 8 Ci, and it also releases low doses of 1.5 mR/hr (at 60 µA) during acceleration due to Self-Shielding Technology. Our installation was completed mid 2007 and is now in full operation. Following radionuclides are routinely produced for our research.

Fig. 1. Eclipse target design enables Curie level yields of PET radioisotopes using minimal amounts of enriched target materials.

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