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Research Facility

• Ultra Definition Display System

The Ultra Definition Display System (UDDS) is the largest ultra-high resolution display system we have jointly developed with Samsung and installed at the Neuroscience Research Institute for the first time in the world. This is one of the most ideal high resolution image display systems in the world which is coupled to our 7.0T high resolution images. A 2.5 m x 4 m display wall was constructed by connecting Ultra Slim Bezel Samsung LCDs. Each LCD is connected through a local network to the control node, making them collectively work as a single display system. This system is used for analysis display and diagnosis for the ultra-high resolution images obtained from the HRRT-PET/7.0T MRI fusion system in the Neuroscience Research Institute. In the previous imaging systems, there was no need for this kind of high resolution expandable display system due to their low resolution. The 7.0T MRI has a 250 µm resolution, and by using the UDDS one can truly see the power of the ultra-high resolution brain images as displayed bellow. This video wall system not only display one large image but it can also be used to display simultaneously large number of high resolution images. As brain imaging techniques evolve with better resolution and sensitivity, the need for an ultra definition display system will be of a prerequisite.